About The Squadron

How it began?

The Squadron was founded by Col. (res.) Kobi Regev and wife, Idmit, alongside other senior commanders and fighter pilots of the Israeli air force. Their goal is to promote personal and organizational excellence and growth through the simulated fighter pilot experience.

Senior IAF fighter pilots (res.) and former combat flight simulator instructors will guide you through your training at The Squadron and help you develop the tools for excellence embedded within the IAF as well as give you the chance to experience the unique atmosphere of Israeli fighter squadrons.

The Squadron is located in the Cinema City Glilot center, just north of Tel Aviv, and includes a state of the art F-16 and F-35 flight simulators, advanced virtual reality stations, well equipped briefing rooms, locker rooms, club, and gift shop. The Squadron functions in accordance with the typical agenda of an active IAF combat squadron which includes donning a flight suit, professional flight instruction, mission and objective reception and acceptance, simulator flight, and a flight debrief in accordance with The Squadron’s research methodology.

Who is The Squadron for?

Businesses and organizations:

Personal and group excellence development workshops are based on the learning methodologies and culture of the IAF, which have been adapted to the civil domain. These workshops provide tools and solutions taken from the world of flight in order to effectively and efficiently deal with and overcome a complex and changing reality. The Squadron offers a wide-ranging variety of topics and activities suitable for groups or companies of any size.

General Public

A variety of flight training programs at different levels for individuals or groups. Come for an unforgettable flight training session or join a gradual training program. These courses promote hands on learning, giving you the tools to grow, improve, and overcome obstacles.


Youth friendly combat courses for achieving personal excellence. A unique curriculum covering the basics of flight, familiarity with aircraft systems, debriefing methodologies, leadership development, decision making process, and developing self-confidence and personal excellence.

Programs are conducted by senior IAF fighter pilots (res.), former combat simulator instructors, and are based on the methodologies of the cultural structure in the IAF.


Private Events:

The Squadron is the perfect place to host your next celebration or event; Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, family events, conferences, and lectures are all welcome. The Squadron team will ensure a meticulously planned and memorable event, tailored to satisfy your preferences. 


The Squadron offers a unique and experiential way of getting to know the State of Israel. Meet with fighter pilots, expose yourself to this unique technology, learn about the current geopolitical situation of the Middle East, and see the landscapes and holy sites like never before while flying in an advanced fighter jet simulator.


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