What is The Squadron?

The Squadron was founded by Colonel Kobi Regev (reserve), out of the desire to bring the culture and heritage of the Israeli Air Force to everyone, to learn from the IAF’s values and to experience the thrill of flight in a fighter jet, through a flight simulator.

Our staff, that will guide you throughout your day with us, are Israeli Air Force pilots and combat flight simulator instructors who will bring the special experience of being part of a fighter jet squadron to you.

The Squadron is in the Cinema City in Glilot. It is built as a copy of a F16 fighter jet squadron, including briefing rooms, 10 flight simulators, locker rooms and more. We operate by the same agenda as a fighter jet squadron in the IAF including flight suits and flight equipment, a morning briefing, receiving a mission for the flight, a flight in the F16 simulator, debriefing and souvenir photos.

The flight simulator is a machine that simulates a real F16  fighter jet. The Squadron’s simulators are the most advanced of their type in the world. They will enable you to have the closest possible experience to real-life flying by contacting Ground Control and other pilots in the air around you. You will also collect data in real-time which will allow a full understanding of the flight. At the end of the flight you will take part in a full debriefing, led by our staff.

The Squadron offers a wide range of activities and “flight days”, so that each and every person can find the perfect flight day for them.

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