Types of Flights

They say you need to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. In The Squadron’s case – you need to learn to fly before you can fly higher… Flying a F-16 fighter jet is a complicated and challenging task. The flight programs at The Squadron have been gradually tested and were built by reserve fighter jet squadron commanders from the IAF. The basics of flight are taught during the “My First Flight” program, and after that you can advance on to the next flights.
Choose the type of flight for you based on your flying level, book a place and prepare for takeoff.

My First Flight

My First Flight

Put your day-to-day life aside, put on a flight suit and come be a fighter jet pilot for one day. Here you will receive the full experience of a day in a flight squadron, from flight lessons taught by fighter pilots or simulator instructors, receiving a mission to complete and a flight in a simulator that replicates the real thing in the closest way possible.

This flight is the base for our other flights. You will learn how to take off, maneuver an F-16 fighter jet, complete complex missions and see Israel from a bird’s eye view.

Entry from the age of 12 and upwards.

Overall time is about 70 minutes.

Price is 290 shekels.
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Premium program

Premium program

A unique opportunity to enter the world of flight and look at Israel through the eyes of a fighter jet pilot, receive an up to date explanation about the challenges of the IAF, hear personal stories from IAF fighter jet pilots, fly in an F16 cockpit around Israel over the main sites. Experience Israel and feel in immediate authentic connection.

The program includes a briefing for the flight, 2 flights in the F16 simulator: The first flight is getting to know Israel from above and the second flight is more mission oriented. After flying the simulator, you will debrief the flight.

The activity is in English. For other languages, please coordinate with our customer support team.

Overall time 90 mins

The Squadron also offers a variety of VIP programs for tourists. For more information and prices – contact our sales department.

Price 590 shekels
To book by phone 074-7403333

Personal training

Personal training

The personal training day is a great learning experience, that is also an opportunity to develop practical tools, in planning and personal debriefing. It is also an opportunity to take part in challenging missions, and these tools can aid in day-to-day life as well. During this day you will wear flight suits, get a name-patch and a squadron patch as a gift.

The activity is in Hebrew. For programs in English, please coordinate with our customer support team.

This program is suitable for everyone and doesn’t require previous flying knowledge.
Ages 12 and up
150 mins overall time

Price 1700 shekels
To book by phone 074-7403333

Family Time

Family Time

A challenging, unforgettable, family activity. Your unique opportunity for a joint family cooperation!

During the ‘Family Time’ activity, you will all wear flight suits and brief your first F16 flight. Then you will enter a real F16 simulator cockpit, takeoff and maneuver your jet. Your first flight will let you experience and improve your control of the aircraft, during which you will be scored.

After your first flight, you will experience a flight debrief, a good way to improve your performance using analysis and recordings of your previous flight.

The second part of the activity begins with a brief of the family mission – Locating significant waypoints during a navigation flight above Israel. You will plan your navigation together, using maps and satellite images, and fly together in order to gain the highest score as a family.

This activity is run by The Squadron’s professional staff, who will lead your way along the whole activity. At the end of the activity you will get to keep your map with your planned route on.

Activity time: 3 hr
Activity scheduling will be in front of The Squadron’s Sales team.

Price 1150 ILS
To book by phone 074-7403333

We will be happy to advise you and customize the perfect flight for you

For advice and flight adjustment, call   074-7403333
Or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible