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The Squadron is the only place of its kind that offers development courses and workshop based on the research methodology of the IAF and methodology to companies and organizations as well as enjoyable and fun focused team building activities.

The Squadron specializes in developing abilities for individual or group excellence based on the IAF’s learning methodology and culture adapted to the civil domain. The creation of these development courses was done in conjunction with leading consultants in the field. The Squadron workshops provide tools and solution taken from the world of flight which can be applied into your personal or work life. These tools comprise the infrastructure for an organizational culture that enables effective and efficient coping with complex and changing realities.

The courses and workshops are led by Israeli air force senior combat pilots (res.) and flight simulator instructors. They can be held at our location in the Cinema City, Glilot complex or on your company’s premises. Additionally, we offer the option of our legacy workshop, now online, which can be performed at your place of work or residence. You may add even more to your experience, such as meals lectures, celebrations, VIP Room access, meetings rooms, as well as gifts and merchandise.

The following courses are available for your selection. Courses also available in English.

A prestigious enrichment program that combines the unique experience and training of The Squadron with personalized guidance and hands-on instruction from field experts. The program provides participants with meaningful learning, empowerment, and research methodology in the world of leadership and management. This program will positively impact the future of your organization by providing a shared experience which can be learned from and looked back upon when faced with an obstacle in your personal or professional life.
A course for managers and employees at all levels which provides personal and organizational tools in a variety of fields. Learning and improvement processing, decision making in a changing reality, leadership, teamwork, complex planning and foresight, task execution, and overcoming failure. Each meeting will consist of two simulated flights which will serve as a conduit for development and growth. The second phase of each meeting is intended to create a bridge between the flight experience and the current reality in your personal life or organization. The Squadron staff will use your experience here as an opportunity to pass on the tried-and-true principles of the IAF, leading your company to success.
This workshop is designed for executives, future executives, and rising talents of your company. Because of the tools which you will receive, completion of this workshop will bring about a positive cultural change to your organization through the construction of a dedicated plan of action under the guidance of The Squadron team. The program encourages the acquisition of tools like discipline, continuous improvement, accuracy, personal responsibility, and more, with the goal of growth and development to achieve personal and organizational excellence.
The Squadron offers a thorough and continual process of implementing our trusted research methodology in companies and organizations through professional on-site consultation. This process integrates components from the organizational culture of the IAF into the organizational structure of your company or organization. It is tailored to your needs and is carried out in conjunction to the management’s preferences.

The process offered includes the following elements:

1. Organizational screening carried out by The Squadron’s consultant.

2. Defining missions and objectives.

3. Initial workshop at The Squadron facility in Cinema City, Glilot.

4. Guidance and implementation of methodologies at the company’s location led by The Squadron consultant.

5. Final stage of analysis and debriefing as well as looking to the future.

The Squadron consultants are senior commanders in the IAF (res.) experienced in leadership, team building, and group facilitation.

The organizational structure of air force fighter squadrons includes diverse and changing personnel within a dynamic work environment, similar to the modern business world. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the world of combat aviation and we will discuss our teamwork model, inspired by the culture of teamwork of the IAF. After learning the basics of flying a fighter jet, you will be divided into groups and begin planning the operational mission – each group member being personally responsible for the success of the mission. This team building workshop includes two challenging and memorable flights in a to-scale F-16 simulator, preflight and postflight briefings, and implementation into your company or organization.

This workshop is concerned with team leadership and decision making in times of uncertainty. Experience leading a team towards your goal while dealing with uncertainty and a new challenging environment. The team leader and members will need to adapt to the challenges and constraints that arise during both the planning and execution phases.

Participants are divided into teams and leaders are picked then tasked with planning and executing a complex mission. Changes to the environment and team leaders will lead to uncertainty and additional mission complexity.

Participants will learn an applied model which will help guide its users through the stages of planning and execution during challenging times. This workshop is intended for managers at all levels and those who see management in their future.

A great challenge for leadership teams is to promote growth in their organization while social and environmental changes bring about a new reality. This workshop was created with this constantly evolving reality in mind. This workshop presents an opportunity to experience entering a whole new world, learning and understanding a new reality, and gaining tools for leading organizations through these challenges. You will be divided into teams and each tasked with planning and executing a mission under unpredictable conditions. Practical lessons taken from the culture of the IAF and adapted to the civilian domain will be revealed to you and will give you the necessary tools to overcome a changing arena and new challenges. This workshop is intended for teams and managers at all levels. The goal of this workshop is to have a meaningful experience, increased sense of ability, and to acquire practical tools for succeeding in a new reality.
This workshop deals with the cycle of improvement through learned debriefing methods; the principal tool from which the IAF has managed to achieve excellence in countless fields. A group or organization whose debriefing methods are part of their daily routine and enshrined in their culture, are more likely to exhibit the signs of continuous improvement. In this workshop you will be exposed to the entire debriefing methodology process through the use of The Squadron’s advanced F-16 flight simulators. You will learn debriefing methodology that will lead to tangible benefits to your work and personal life. Additionally, we will present you with the proper conditions and organizational culture needs for this debriefing methodology to be effective for your business or organization. After the simulator flights, we will debrief and enter into a group discussion in order process the latest events. The Squadron team will present to you a structural model promoting growth through learning and reflection from within your organization. Upon the conclusion, we will define several practical tools designed to implement this model in your own companies.
The planning stage is the cornerstone of any process, project, or task. In this workshop, you will be tasked with planning and executing an exciting combat mission. Upon completion of the sortie, you will be presented with The Squadron’s unique planning model, inspired by the IAF and adapted to the civilian world. Then take to the skies to apply this new planning methodology in reality. This model is easy to use and adopt to your own processes. In the final stage of this workshop, we will gather once again to process and freely discuss the various aspects of your flight and how the planning methodology was implemented. We will help define what practical tools can be applied to the different structures of your company.

An out of the box, fun, and challenging activity, suitable for all members of your organization.

Put on a flight suit, brief your flight, step into your F-16 flight simulator, and set out on two combat sorties.

The two topics to be emphasized throughout the activity are:

1. Debriefing culture (continuous improvement)

2. Team building

Program details:

Duration of approximately 2.5 hours, depending on group size

Minimum of seven participants

For groups over 30, participants will have one flight as well as an intriguing lecture by an IAF combat pilot (res.)


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