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The Squadron was designed to suit anyone who wants to experience a fascinating and challenging visit to the first civilian combat simulator squadron of its kind, including flying advanced F-16 and F-35 simulators.

General information

A flight simulator is a device which simulates flying in a real aircraft. It consists of a to scale replica cockpit, including all buttons, switches, and stick. Combined with an advanced screen, The Squadron’s simulators provide an experience closest to the real thing. The flight software allows for simulated flight all over the world.

Original Lockheed Martin (F-16 and F-35 manufacturer) software allowing for a flight experience closest to the real thing.

Senior IAF fighter pilots (res.) and former simulator instructors will guide you throughout your time at The Squadron. You will experience the prevailing fighter spirit and learn tools of excellence from the professional Squadron team.

One who operates flight simulators as part of the training of pilots, navigators, and others from elite units of the air force.

The Squadron provides an exhilarating, fun, and unforgettable experience for individuals, groups, companies, and more. Individuals, groups, and families can put their flying skills to the test with courses and lessons providing a wide range of activities. Workshops are available for your company or organization focusing on development, team building, and more. Tourists can come learn about Israel through our scenic and adventurous flying programs. Additionally, The Squadron’s online flight courses and workshops allow anyone to experience the thrill and excitement of The Squadron.

You must be 12 years or older to come fly at The Squadron.

Yes, The Squadron is happy to host your next event or celebration. The Squadron is the perfect place for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, family events, conferences, lectures, and more. The Squadron team will put together a fun, memorable, and meticulously planned day. Conference rooms, smartboards, food, and much more can be provided to make your event or celebration at The Squadron even better!

To reserve your private event, please call +972 074-740333 or email [email protected]

The Squadron is located on the VIP floor in the Cinema City center, in Glilot, Israel. The Squadron complex was built as a replica of a of an air force combat squadron. The complex includes a simulator hall, advanced virtual reality stations, briefing rooms, locker rooms and equipment, The Squadron club, and gift shop.

The Squadron is open 7 days a week in accordance with the published flight schedule published on our website. For special requests or private events, please contact customer service.

Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:30. For customer service, please call +972 074-7403333 or email [email protected].

Information before booking a flight at The Squadron

Anyone can come enjoy The Squadron activities. There is no previous experience required. After your arrival at The Squadron, you will undergo a professional and detailed flight briefing led by an IAF fighter pilot (res.) or former flight instructor. You will be given all of the necessary instruction to successfully fly on The Squadron’s simulators.

Yes, The Squadron will do whatever we can to cater to your needs and make your visit as comfortable as possible. We ask that you inform us in advance with the nature of your limitation. To make a reservation or speak to a customer service agent, please call +972 074-7403333 or email [email protected]. For more information, please see The Squadron’s Accessibility Statement.

We recommend that you book your spot as early as possible to reserve a date and time most comfortable to you. For questions about booking, please turn to a customer support representative.

The Squadron offers a wide variety of programs and experiences, all of varying durations. The precise times of The Squadron activities can be found by selecting “Book a Flight” on our website.

The Squadron operates according to a typica air force fighter squadron agenda. This includes donning a flight suit, receiving flight instruction and a briefing on your mission and flight objectives, guided flight in an advanced simulator, and a flight debriefing according to The Squadrons research methodology. The exact details vary depending on the type of activity.

Yes, you and your friends can participate together in many aspects of The Squadron’s activities. Please let us know during booking and we will recommend group or partner based activities.

Flying a fighter jet is a complex and challenging task which takes time to learn. The various types of missions and activities at The Squadron are suitable for different levels of flying and can be carried out at your own pace. The basis for flight training at The Squadron begins with “My First Flight”, where you will learn the basics of flying. From there you can proceed on to even more challenging activities and even double missions. Dedicated flight plans for tourists consist of a flight around the country and its sacred sites. Development and team building workshop are available for companies and organizations. Unique flight courses for teenagers are also offered.

Book a flight on the website

There are three simple and easy ways to book a flight at The Squadron.

Please leave your name, phone number, purpose of visit, and any questions you may have.

After completing a purchase, you will receive an email from us confirming the order and details. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, please contact our customer support representatives.

Payment Options

The Squadron website allows for payment by credit card only. The purchase process is complete once the transaction is approved and you receive a confirmation email.

This website meets the most stringent security standards, so you are assured that the process is done as quickly, safely, and confidentially as possible. The site is completely secured via SSL and PCI, meaning the connection between your browser and site is encrypted.

No, we do not store your credit card information. Site clearing is performed using an external secure system that conforms to the global PCI standard, meaning that your credit card number is encrypted.

Gift Cards

A gift card can be purchased through the website in a fast and safe manner or by calling our customer service number. Gift certificates will be sent directly to the recipients email along with a personalized greeting.

You can easily and simply use your gift card on our website. Make sure to enter your gift card number in the appropriate field. 
You can also use your gift card by calling our customer support line at 074-7403333.

Online Activities

Yes, The Squadron has developed and built an online combat flight courses to provide tools for personal and organizational excellence even for those who cannot come to The Squadron’s physical location. The Squadron uses advanced technologies to produce the instructional and experiential platform that enables workshops and courses to be conducted in the closest manner to those at The Squadron. The topics and content offered online overlaps with the topis presented at The Squadron and can be adjusted according to the customers desires.

Yes. We have carefully developed an online curriculum to address the needs of companies and organizations who are unable to reach The Squadron’s location in Israel or whose employees work remotely. For more details, visit the Companies and Organizations page or call our customer support number.

Yes. The Squadron is able to deploy to your company or organization. In addition, The Squadron offers organizations a long term, in depth, and complete process that takes place on the company’s site.

Changes and Cancellations

Call The Squadron’s customer support at 074-7403333 or email [email protected] with your request. We will make an honest effort to accommodate your request.

Call The Squadron’s customer support at 074-7403333 or email [email protected] with your request. 
There is no cancellation fee for bookings more than 48 hours in advance.
You will be charged half price for cancelling a reservation between 24 and 48 hours of the reservation.
Cancellations within 24 hours of the reservation must pay the full price of the activity. 

Have any more questions? Leave us your question here and we will get back to you shortly!

You can type your question and we will answer soon, or call customer service 074-7403333


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