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The Squadron has developed online combat flight courses, allowing everyone to gain the skills needed to achieve personal and organizational excellence. Advanced technologies and programs are utilized to produce instructional and experiential workshops and courses which are conducted in much the same manner as those at our Glilot location.

We offer courses of various skill levels as well as workshops for your company or organization.

ALPHA 1 & 2 are our exciting and educational online courses led by senior IAF combat pilots (res.) and former flight simulator instructors. The courses focus on basic flight skills, learning tools for excellence, and a discourse on values from the world of flight. They focus on imparting life skills, learning new tools for excellence, and as an overall introduction to the world of flight. These courses provide an exhilarating and unique experience of flight simulation while simultaneously educating and empowering. Participants will gain new perspectives and ideas which can be applied to their personal lives, such as continuous improvement, teamwork, decision making, overcoming failure, and more. Each course is divided into five lessons that each include a daily task briefing, individual or group planning, simulator flights, and a professional level flight debrief, similar to what you would find at The Squadron’s physical location. Advanced simulator and communication software is used along with debriefing software to give you the most seamless and educational experience possible. Courses take place on a regular basis with at home assignments and solo practice between sessions. The price shown below is for a single course

NIS 1,480.00 2 hours

These courses will introduce you to the F-16 fighter, a multi-role aircraft capable of performing various complex missions. Guided by senior fighter pilots of the IAF (res.) and former flight simulator instructors, you will learn the basics of flying an F-16 and by the final course, will be executing daring missions. In addition, you will be exposed to the tools and values of the IAF with the goal of growth and personal development.

This program consists of a number of courses, Alpha 3, Alpha 4, and Alpha 5 – each containing five sessions. Courses take place on a regular basis with at home assignments and solo practice between sessions.

The price shown below is for a single course

NIS 1,480.00 2 hours

Kobi Regev, Co-founder and CEO of The Squadron

Colonel (res.) Kobi Regev, Co-founder and CEO of The Squadron

We have seen as people, during this difficult time, are faced with challenges with which they lack the tools to overcome. Exacerbating the situation, restrictions of movement, have limited the number of visitors at The Squadron. Therefore, we saw it as our duty to develop online flight courses and workshops, allowing you to access The Squadron’s culture of excellence from home.

Led by IAF fighter pilots (res.) and former combat simulator instructors, The Squadron’s online activities offer an experience closest to the real thing. These courses and workshops are tailored to a global audience and allow us to deliver tools of excellence through a memorable and adrenaline pumping experience from anywhere in the world.

Ilan Boger

Brig. Gen. (res.) Ilan Boger, Manager of The Squadron Online

The Squadron has become the focus of international praise thanks to the learning methodology, inspired by the Israeli air force, and memorable flight experience which provide participants with tools of excellence, encouraging growth and self-improvement.

I invite you to come learn and get to know the world of combat aviation up close. Our online classes and workshops focus on exposing you to the challenges and decision-making processes of being a fighter pilot, all from the comfort of your own home. This unique experience will test your abilities while simultaneously giving you the tools to succeed and achieve excellence in your personal and professional lives, The Squadron’s main goal. We here at The Squadron are looking forward to welcoming you into this world of action and excellence.

Customer Testimonials
Dani Chayon, participant: Basic flight course
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This week I finished the basic air combat course at The Squadron. The first of five courses. I took part in the course comfortably from home with my own computer and basic equipment acquired for cheap from The Squadron. The course is based on the F-16 aircraft and I learned to talk on the radio, enter waypoints into the flight computer, fly in formation, navigate, execute dogfights, use top view data, and of course, land safely. I learned a lot. For me this is the beginning of a dream come true. I have always dreamt of flying the F-16 and now that I know how to fly it by myself, I feel the adrenaline rushing through my body each time I fly like I am a fighter pilot. The course instructors customized the curriculum and built the lessons so that each person and their level of proficiency would reach new heights by the end of the course. How? Very simply, the course is based on the methodology of the [Israeli] air force. Briefing, execution, debriefing, operational improvements, and more debriefing… until the desired result is achieved. I hope to improve and make the most out of myself. Thank you to Kobi Regev, founder and CEO of The Squadron and to the whole team at The Squadron which made a great effort to provide participants with all the answers.
David Mandelzweig
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The Squadron’s F-16 Fighter flying course is a fun but at the same time serious way of experiencing the thrills of flying a modern fighter jet. With lessons covering the basics of the F-16, flight, landings, formation flying, navigation, radios, radar, loops and rolls, through to aerial dogfights, using an extremely realistic simulator program and communication add-ons, this is something not to be missed by any flying enthusiast. The course is run by active Israeli Airforce F-16 pilots, and conducted in a professional, structured manner, including briefings at the beginning of the lesson and serious debriefs at the end. The missions are available for practicing between lessons, and much camaraderie is built up between the course participants. Highly recommended. Just be prepared to spend hours practicing – for the fun of it.
Tamir Regev
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I began my journey with the basic course where I learned about the power of debriefing and that even though flying the plane may be easy, investigating your mistakes and learning where you went wrong and need to improve is harder. In the first F-16 course, I started to advance and gain experience, learned more about flying, learned new tools which I used for the next course, and made friends with the other people in the course. The online world is amazing because it lets you connect with people all over. I feel like they have built an online community that I really enjoy and that lets me fly with people 20 years older than me or kids five years younger than me. Now I am in my third course and am really enjoying it. I’m learning “air to air” and more advanced elements of flight. I connect really well with the instructors and the course has given me positive skills that influence me beyond the course hours and into my personal life. The courses have taught me the skills of research methodology that allows me to improve all aspects of my life.
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We meet in the The Squadron’s online briefing room once a week for two hours of instruction, flight, briefing/debriefing, and learning. A break from everyday life for improvement and critical thinking. A professional and accomplished instructional team that gives 110 percent. You won’t regret it for a moment!

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