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The Company respects and protects the User’s privacy. The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain the Company’s procedures regarding the privacy of the Users, describe the types of information provided by, or collected from, the User, and how the Company uses said information.

The privacy policy detailed in this document constitutes a binding and enforceable legal agreement between you and the Company. You are therefore encouraged and requested to read the privacy policy carefully.

Use of the Website constitutes explicit and unreserved consent to all that is stated in this privacy policy, including the uses by the Company of the Personal Data and the Statistical Data (as such terms are defined below) it collects and or receives and that the Personal Data and Statistical Data may be transferred, including to third party websites, in accordance with this policy. If you do not agree with the Company’s management and protection of the privacy of your data, you are requested not to make use of the Website and/or the services and or products offered therein.

The Website, the services and/or the products offered therein are intended to those aged 12-99 only. Information of an individual under 18 years old must not be transferred to the Company without consent of said minor’s parents or legal guardian. Additionally, no legal action may be taken on the Website, such as reserving a visit or purchasing a product by anyone under 18 years old without the consent of said minor’s parents or legal guardian.

Types of Information

The privacy policy addresses two types of information, “personal information” and “statistical information”.

“Personal information” is any data that may, by itself, or in conjunction with other information, be used to identify an individual. This includes data such as names, addresses, emails, and any other personal information provided to the Website when using it or its services, whether through the Website or by phone.

In contrast to Personal Information, “Statistical Information” contains various data that play no identifying role and cannot lead to the disclosure or discovery of the data source. The Statistical Information collected may contain information about your browsing practices and history on the Website, pages visited, products viewed and/or ordered, clicked on advertisements, geographic location of connected computer, IP address and more. Statistical Data and Personal Data are kept separate. Statistical Data and Personal Information are used differently as further elaborated hereinbelow.

Data Delivery and Collection

Browsing the Website does not require registration or provision of Personal Data. However, for registration to the Website’s loyalty program and/or for purchasing and/or ordering the services and/or products offered by the Website, including reserving a flight at the flights simulator, you will be requested to provide Personal Data. If you will select to provide such Personal Information, you should provide only accurate and full details, and you hereby confirm the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by you. The Personal Data provided and/or to be provided by you in the framework of your registration to the Website’s loyalty program and/or while ordering the services and/or products offered by the Website and/or through the telephone, except for credit card details (if provided during a telephonic order), will be collected and reserved at the Company’s database (the “Database”).   While providing the Personal Data you must make sure you are providing accurate and full details. Please note that you are not obligated to provide Personal Data, however without so providing, the Website and the Company will not be able to render you with the services and/or provide you with the requested products.  To the extent there shall be any changes in the Personal Data provided by you, you will be able to update these records. If you are providing Personal Data of a third party, you hereby represent and warrant that you obtained his/her/its explicit consent to provide such information to the Company, for its use in accordance with this privacy policy.

Use of Data

The Company shall use the Personal Data provided by you and/or the Statistical Data collected by it for the provision of the services and/or the products offered by the Website; for updating and upgrading the Website’s content, services and/or products in view of the Website’s users’ preferences, as reflected from analyzing the Statistical Data collected by the Company.

The Company will use the Personal Data provided by you to connect you if needed, and may send you, if you opted-in to so receive (by checking the designated box), from time to time, newsletters and/or email or text notifications, including to inform you of any marketing campaigns, Website’s renovations; updates in the services/products offered by the Website; coupons and/or ads on behalf of the Company and/or third parties (collectively, “Advertisements”). Opting-in, as well as your continued use of the Website and your agreement to the terms of this policy, constitutes a consent to receive Advertisements, pursuant to Section 30a to the Communication Law (Bezeq and Services), 1982-5742. Please note that, subject to applicable law, at any time you shall be able to select not to continue to receive Advertisements by erasing your details from the Website’s mailing list, by sending an email request in this respect to [email protected]

Data Transfer to Third Parties

Personal Data – the Company shall not transfer to third parties the Personal Data, except in the following cases:

  1. If the Company asked and received your explicit permission, in example for sending third parties’ Advertisements, consent to ship products ordered by you to your home or other address by a third party delivery company, etc.
  2. If the transfer of the Personal Data was to the Company’s employees and/or to persons working for the Company and/or on the Company’s behalf, to the extent required and/or necessary for the provision of the services and/or products offered by the Website and/or the Website’s operation.
  3. If the transfer of the Personal Data is to the Company’s affiliates entitles, including parent companies, subsidiaries and entitles under their control.
  4. In case of a court ruling or subpoena instructing the Company to transfer the personal Data to court or any other tribunal or third party whatsoever.
  5. In case of a legal dispute between you and the Company, which shall require disclosing your Personal Data.
  6. If you perform, within and/or through the Website, unlawful acts and/or acts violating the Website’s terms and conditions and/or this policy.
  7. If the Company sells the Website and/or its operations, and/or transfers it by any means, to a third party, in consideration or free of charge, whether by assignment or transfer of rights; whether by grant of license and/or sub-license, and whether in the framework of a merger by the Company or of the Website operations with a third party and/or its operations, and provided that such third party is obligated to comply with this privacy policy.

Statistical Data – the Company may transfer Statistical Data, in consideration or free of charge, to third parties partners, including to companies engaged in analyzing de-identified statistical data, for the purpose of improving the services and/or products offered by the Website, at the Company’s sole discretion.

Where do we keep the Data

The Personal Data provided by you/collected by the Company is kept in the Database, stored with host services and data backup third party service providers, which may be located outside Israel. Your consent to this privacy policy shall be deemed consent to store the Personal Data abroad to transfer it outside of Israel.     


Use of Cookies

The Company may use cookies on the Website during normal operations to, inter alia, collect Statistical Data, verify details, adhere to the User’s preferences, for data security purposes and more.

“Cookies” are text files which the User’s browser creates on command from Website’s computers. Some cookies may expire upon closing the browser while some may be stored on your device’s memory. Cookies can contain a variety of information such as the pages the User has visited, length of stay on site, information you request to see when entering the Website and more.

The Company further uses cookies originating from third parties like Google Analytics, Google advertising services and social networks such as Facebook. These cookies are intended to be used for advertising purposes based on the User’s previous internet history and actions, known as Retargeting. Cookies originated from Facebook are intended to present you Website’s information originated from Facebook, to mark  “liked” content, to recommend to you other content which may interest you,  etc..

To learn more about the types of cookies Google or any party on its behalf collects and uses these files, see the extension in the Google Information Center.  Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page.

For more information about the use of Cookies by Facebook or anyone on its behalf, see the extension in Facebook’s cookies policy. Cookies Policy (

You may avoid receiving cookies by changing the settings in your web browser. To do this, you can use your browser’s help guide. You can request that cookies not be collected for some of the above mentioned services by choosing to “opt-out”.

To learn about opting out of cookies with Google Analytics  Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page. For more information about opting out of Google Advertising, Ad personalization (

To learn about opting out of cookies with Facebook Advertising services,  Cookies Policy (

Keep in mind however, that disabling cookies may prevent the User from using the services and or features of the Website or other websites. In addition, cookies can be deleted from the User’s computer at any time. It is suggested to do so only if you wish to prevent third parties from acquiring information or for a less personal browsing experience.

Third Party Sites and Advertising on the Site

The Website may contain links to other unaffiliated sites which are not part of the Website (hereinafter: “Third Party Sites”). These Third Party Sites are independent and the Company does not take any responsibility or liability in connection to Third Party Sites and their content and or services contained within. Use of Third Party Sites is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of each such website. Therefore, it is advisable to review the terms of use and privacy policies of Third Party Sites before using them.

Data Security

The Company holds the safety and security of its, and the Website’s, information and data paramount. To ensure the safekeeping of Personal Data, the Company operates information security systems, application, and procedures designed to minimize the risks of theft, damage, loss or unauthorized access to personal information.

These safeguards do not guarantee that personal information will not be exposed or stolen from the Database. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee, and the User should not expect, that the services and information systems used by the Company will be immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them. By using the Website or any of its functions, you are aware and agree to these limitations.

Right to Review Information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981- 5741, every person, either by himself, his authorized representative or guardian, is entitled to view for himself, his own private information and data stored in a database. Users who would like to update, complete, change or delete their information may turn to the database owner. If the owner denies that request, the User must be notified in the manner set forth in the regulations prescribed under the Protection of Privacy Law. The user may appeal any such database owners’ denial in accordance with the aforementioned regulations. 

Please note that deleting information may prevent you from continuing to receive services from the Website and may lead to the cancellation of your Website’s registration. The information required by the Company, including what actions have been taken on the Website, will continue to be retained by the Company in accordance with the law; however will not be used to contact the User. If no notice of the deletion of information after a request was made has been published within 30 days, the User is entitled to apply to the court in the manner set forth in the regulations prescribed under the Protection of Privacy Law.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to change from time to time the terms of the Privacy Policy at the Company’s discretion. A notice will be published on the home page of the Website 30 days before material changes are made. In regards to non-material changes, a notice will be posted on the home page of the Website 7 days prior to their entry into effect. Changes made in accordance with the provisions of any law or pursuant to a requirement of a regulatory authority shall enter into effect in accordance with such law or requirement. Continued use of the Website after a policy change has been implemented, indicates the User’s acknowledgment and agreement to the amended policy.  If you do not agree to the updated policy, you should cease using the Website.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

Any dispute that arises from the use of the Website or any of The Squadron’s activities is subject to the laws of The State of Israel.

The competent court located in Tel-Aviv, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter or dispute arising out of this Terms, Privacy Policy and/or any use of the Website.

Contact Us 

For any questions regarding this privacy policy or for any case in which a User’s privacy has been violated, please contact us at [email protected]

Updated as of October 2020


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