Basic Combat Flight Training

All courses are in Eastern Time, UTC-5.

Basic Combat Flight Training

NIS 1,480.00 2 hours

ALPHA 1 & 2 are our exciting and educational online courses led by senior IAF combat pilots (res.) and former flight simulator instructors.

The courses focus on basic flight skills, learning tools for excellence, and a discourse on values from the world of flight.

They focus on imparting life skills, learning new tools for excellence, and as an overall introduction to the world of flight.

These courses provide an exhilarating and unique experience of flight simulation while simultaneously educating and empowering.

Participants will gain new perspectives and ideas which can be applied to their personal lives, such as continuous improvement, teamwork, decision making, overcoming failure, and more.

Each course is divided into five lessons that each include a daily task briefing, individual or group planning, simulator flights, and a professional level flight debrief, similar to what you would find at The Squadron’s physical location.

Advanced simulator and communication software is used along with debriefing software to give you the most seamless and educational experience possible.

Courses take place on a regular basis with at home assignments and solo practice between sessions.

The price shown below is for a single course


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