Debriefing Workshops as a Driver for Improvement


Debriefing Workshops as a Driver for Improvement

Free! 7 hours

This workshop deals with the cycle of improvement through learned debriefing methods; the principal tool from which the IAF has managed to achieve excellence in countless fields. A group or organization whose debriefing methods are part of their daily routine and enshrined in their culture, are more likely to exhibit the signs of continuous improvement.

In this workshop you will be exposed to the entire debriefing methodology process through the use of The Squadron’s advanced F-16 flight simulators. You will learn debriefing methodology that will lead to tangible benefits to your work and personal life. Additionally, we will present you with the proper conditions and organizational culture needs for this debriefing methodology to be effective for your business or organization.

After the simulator flights, we will debrief and enter into a group discussion in order process the latest events. The Squadron team will present to you a structural model promoting growth through learning and reflection from within your organization. Upon the conclusion, we will define several practical tools designed to implement this model in your own companies.


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