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Double Training Gift Card

NIS 620.00

Want to give a gift that they’ll never be able to forget!?

This double experience will let you do just that. This gift voucher is redeemable for two exciting and memorable flights, “My First Flight” and “Solo Flight”.

Learn the basics of your F-16 simulator on your first flight before moving on to more challenging missions during the solo. Participants dress in a flight suit, undergo a flight briefing, accept their missions, fly the aircraft, then conclude the experience with The Squadron’s specialized flight debrief which is based on the research methodology and culture of the IAF. Learn about Israel, discover its scenery, and explore its holy and sacred sites while executing heart thumping missions over enemy territory.

Program details:
Ages 12 and up.

No previous experience necessary.

Duration of approximately 2:30, depending on group size.
Entrance for ticket holders only.
Course is taught in Hebrew (For support in other languages, please contact customer service).


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