F-35 Attack Gift Card

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F-35 Attack Gift Card

Give the gift of flight in the most advanced fifth generation fighter around. This voucher provides a fantastic opportunity to come see, feel, and fly the F-35.

This is a rare opportunity to experience the advanced capabilities of this aircraft. Pilots take off from Ramat David Airbase, execute low level navigation, and attack enemy strongpoints while carefully maneuvering their aircraft in congested and challenging airspace.

This experience includes donning a flight suit, a professional flight briefing, flying thrilling missions, and more.

The experience is concluded using The Squadron’s specialized debriefing process geared towards giving the participants the tools and skills they need to achieve excellence in their personal life.

Program details:
Ages 12 and up.

Must have flown “My First Flight:

Duration of approximately 1:30, depending on group size.
Entrance for ticket holders only.
Course is taught in Hebrew (For support in other languages, please contact customer service).

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