F-35 Premium Experience

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This thrilling itinerary includes an introductory flight in an F-16 fighter followed by a second flight in the world’s most advanced and modern combat aircraft, the F-35. This is a rare opportunity to step into the first of its kind, complete F-35 simulator.
To begin this doubled training, you will put on a flight suit and receive professional flight instruction, giving you the tools to expertly pilot both the F-16 and F-35. Execute exhilarating missions on your first flight from the cockpit of your advanced F-16 flight simulator before moving on to experience the fifth generation of fighter aircraft.
After a specialized debrief from your first flight, you will step into the cockpit of the F-35 for an even more exhilarating and memorable experience. The missions are designed to take advantage of the F-35’s advanced and unique capabilities. Find out if you have what it takes to fly the latest fifth generation fighter to success.
The flight includes takeoff from an air force base, low altitude navigation, engaging enemy aircraft, and more, making full use of the aircraft’s advanced offensive and defensive capabilities.
After landing, you will undergo a full flight debriefing, including video of your flight, in which you will receive comments and pointers for improvement, just like in an active air force squadron.
Completion of the F-35 Premium Experience qualifies you for advanced F-35 training as well as additional F-16 missions.

Program details:
Ages 12 and up.

No previous experience necessary.

Duration of approximately 2:30, depending on group size.
Entrance for ticket holders only.
All flights are taught in Hebrew. Please contact us for instruction in another language.

F-35 Premium Experience

Price:NIS 720.00

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