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Personal Training Gift Card

NIS 1,700.00

An exciting and empowering gift of personalized flight simulator training by a senior IAF combat pilot (res.) or former combat flight instructor.

These sessions are designed to put the trainee through an experience that simulates an active fighter squadron.

Participants undergo a personalized flight briefing, receive their daring missions and flight instruction, then plan the mission before heading into their F-16 cockpit to takeoff. Upon landing, the trainee will go through a debriefing before heading back into the aircraft for additional challenging tasks. Throughout the day, participants will wear a flight suit, undergo high level flight briefing and debriefings, and receive training with the goal of benefitting their everyday lives. Additionally, participants will receive The Squadron’s custom patch as well as a personalized embroidered name patch.

Program details:
Ages 12 and up.

Must have flown “My First Flight:

Duration of approximately 1:30, depending on group size.
Entrance for ticket holders only.
Course is taught in Hebrew (For support in other languages, please contact customer service).


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