Questions and answers

The Squadron is aimed for and suitable for anyone who wants to feel like a fighter jet pilot for a day

The simulator is a machine that replicates the experience of flying, in the closest way possible to reality, like flight simulator used in the IAF. The simulator at The Squadron is built as an exact replica of an F-16 fighter jet cockpit.

There are three simple ways to order:

  1. Order through customer service at  074-7403333
  2. Online through The Squadrons’ website – simple, quick and safe
  3. Order through customer service email at –  leave your name, number and goal of visit and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to coordinate arrival. You can also ask any question you might have via mail

There is no need for any previous knowledge – anyone can fly. When you arrive at the center you will receive a professional flight brief by a flight simulator pilot in reserve duty or by a simulator instructor. You will be briefed on everything you need to know to fly an F16 for the first time in your life.

The simulators are aimed both for the general public and for fighter jet pilots. We offer a flight experience for anyone that is interested and wants to fly. Fun is a given for all types of people!

Anyone can visit The Squadron, that is built like a real fighter jet squadron in the IAF. However, age is restricted to 12-99.

We recommend booking as early as possible, so you can ensure the date and time that is most comfortable for you. We try to be as flexible as possible with last minute bookings.

The Squadron offers a wide range of activities, and the time you spend here depends on your choice of program. Most programs take around 60 minutes. Exact program lengths are available on our website in the “flight type” tab.

A visit at The Squadron replicates a day in a real squadron and includes: wearing a flight suit, picture-taking with flight gear, flight brief by a fighter jet pilot or simulator instructor that served in the IAF, a flight on the simulator (12-20 mins depending on the program) and a debrief at the end that includes receiving certificates.

The team that will guide you at The Squadron is built of fighter jet pilots, fighter jet squadron commanders and simulator instructors that finished their army service in the IAF and have a lot of experience in the field of instruction.

Simulator instructors instruct pilots in the IAF. They go through a training period that lasts between 8 to 12 months. These instructors are the ones that train IAF pilots on different plane systems and how to handle emergency situations.

Yes. It is possible to fly together or against your friends. It is also possible to fly group against group or everyone together.

We offer a wide range of flight programs that are appropriate for different flight levels and progression rates. Among our programs: My First Flight, Israel from Above, Solo, different levels of AA battles.

If this is your first time at The Squadron, we recommend My First Flight program. Solo program is aimed for second timers, as the content taught is more advanced and is based on the content from the First Flight.
Israel from Above is aimed for tourists or for visitors that are interested in taking part in a flight that focuses on viewing Israel’s sights and receiving explanation in English.
AA battle program is aimed for groups and events, that are interested in a competitive flight that is full of action.
You can choose the right flight for you on our website or consult with our customer service.

People with epileptic backgrounds, that are sensitive to flashing screens, are required to consult with a doctor before flying on the simulator. In addition, it is required to sign a health declaration before flying on the simulator.

Yes. It is possible to celebrate any event you can think of – birthdays, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, anniversaries and more. We are equipped to host groups including personalized refreshments. You can book by phone 074-7403333 or by mail at

You can purchase a gift card quickly and safely here.

A gift card will be sent with a personal message straight to yours/the receiver of the gift’s email.

You can purchase a gift card via customer service at 074-7403333

You can use the gift card to book your flight through the website quickly and easily, just enter the number on the card in the “gift card” tab as part of the book via website procedure..
You can also use your gift card when you book through customer service at 074-7403333

Do you have another question? We’ll be glad to answer!

Send us your question and we’ll answer as soon as possible, or call us at 074-7403333