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Website Terms of Service


Flight TLV (hereinafter: the “Company”) is the owner and operator of “The Squadron” (hereinafter: the “Squadron”), a flight simulator center of F-16 and F-35 aircraft, located in Cinema City, Glilot, on the VIP floor.

The use of the Squadron’s website (hereinafter: the “Website”) is subject to the unconditional and irrevocable consent of each person (hereinafter: the “User”) to the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms of Service (hereinafter: the “Terms”). Any modification, addition, repair to and/or upgrade of the Website is subject to these Terms. By entering the Website, browsing it, or using any of its functions, the User irrevocably declares that he/she/it has read and agrees to all terms set forth herein.

The use of any information and/or materials contained on the Website is at the User’s own risk and the Squadron bears no responsibility towards the User for the User’s use of the Website. The User hereby irrevocably declares and confirms that he/she/it, and/or anyone on the User’s behalf, will not have any claim, demand, or pursue legal action against the Website, its owners, operators and/or anyone on their behalf.

The content appearing on the Website is for general use and general information only. The Website, including its content and these Terms are subject to changes and updates that may be made by The Squadron at any time without prior notice. Continued use and or browsing of the Website by the User after an update and or change was made to The Website constitutes consent by the User to the updated and or amended  Terms.

The User is aware that the Squadron bears no obligation whatsoever to provide him/her/it with any support services in connection with the Website.

The Squadron reserves the right to make use of any feedback provided by any User. In these Terms words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender.

The laws of The State of Israel shall apply to these Terms.

Ownership of the Website and content and copyright protection.

The Website contains various materials, symbols, icons, content and trademarks which The Squadron owns or is authorized to use. The aforementioned includes, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the design, programming, contents and graphics of the Website (hereinafter: The “Squadron Property”). The Squadron holds copyrights for all content as it appears or as it will appear on the Website. Use of any part of the Squadron Property, whether for private use, commercial or otherwise, including copying, photographing and/or displaying it, is strictly prohibited.

All trademarks appearing on the Website which are not the Squadron Property are displayed as such.

The Squadron reserves all its rights and remedies granted to it by these Terms and/or pursuant to any applicable laws in any case of unauthorized and/or unlawful use of the Website and or the Squadron Property.

The Website may include links to third parties’ websites (hereinafter: “Links to Other Websites”). Links to Other Websites are provided for your convenience only. The existence of Links to Other Websites is in no way an indication of the Squadron’s examination of, consent and/or approval of the content which appears on such websites. The Squadron is not and shall not be held responsible in any way for the content which appears on such websites. Upon entry to any other website, the terms and conditions of that said website as well as its privacy provisions shall apply and any use of such websites are the responsibility of the User

All information and content appearing on the Website is presented “as is” and the Squadron is not responsible in any way for adapting the information and/or content to the User’s needs as well as the User’s ability and/or inability to use the information and/or content appearing on the Website.

Restrictions on Website Use

It is strictly forbidden to copy, transfer, broadcast, trade, and or make use in any way of the Squadron Property, whether for private use, commercial or otherwise. It is forbidden to make changes, copy and/or reverse engineer any part of the Website. Browsing and or use of the Website for the purpose of creating, developing and/or establishing a similar and or competing website or product are forbidden.

The Squadron reserves the right to block a User’s access to and/or use of the Website at any time if the Squadron has reasonable grounds to believe such User breached and/or is expected to violate these Terms and/or applicable law.

Limitation of Liability

The Website is provided on an “as is” basis, and the Squadron, the Company, their managers, employees and/or anyone acting on their behalf or associated with them, do not make any representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including in regards to the suitability of the Website for a particular purpose, or being free of errors or bugs.

Subject to any applicable law, the Squadron, the Company, their managers, employees, and/or anyone acting on their behalf or associated with them, will not be liable to the User and or any third party, for any indirect, Incidental , special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages.

The Squadron Terms and Conditions

Who can fly with us?


Anyone between the ages of 12 and 99 is welcome to come and take part in the Squadron experience. Those aged 9 to 11 may take part with prior parent or guardian permission and accompaniment, and with the Squadron’s prior consent.

By signing these terms, you confirm that you are in good health and that  your participation in the Squadron activities is your sole responsibility. . You hereby completely, irrevocably and unconditionally release the Squadron from, and hereby waives, any claim and/or demand for any damage, injury, loss and/or expense cause, suffered and/or incurred by you and/or anyone on your behalf as a result of participation in the Squadron activities or entry into the Squadron center and/or facilities. Entrance is permitted for trainees/ticket holders only. 

Arrival Instructions

It is requested to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Early arrival is recommended to expedite the registration process and begin on time. Customers bear full responsibility for on time arrival and completing preliminary procedures.

Ordering with a Credit Card

Use of a credit card is permissible for those aged 18 years and older. Credit card information must be provided while placing an order through the Website. Credit card details and customer details will be entered into our system in order to charge the credit card. The credit card company must approve the transaction as a condition to Company’s confirmation.

If transaction is not approved, the User will receive an error message that will be displayed on the ordering system. To complete the purchase, the Squadron must be contacted by telephone to confirm the credit card company’s approval of the transaction.

After entering the credit card and ordering details, you will receive an automatic email confirming the receipt of your order. You should bring this email with you and present it at our desk.      

For clarity, an order shall only be valid  upon receipt of final written approval bearing the Squadron logo. If no confirmation email is received, please contact the Squadron by telephone in order to receive confirmation prior to your arrival.

Terms of Payment

The means of payment for the purchase of services through the Website or by telephone will be by valid credit card only of a credit card company authorized by the Squadron.

The prices listed on the Website (Hebrew and English), are in New Israeli Shekels and are inclusive of Value Added Tax.

The Squadron may, at any time and for any reason, change the prices published on the Website, and the User waives any claim, demand, and or legal proceedings against the Squadron in this respect. In the event of a discrepancy between the prices appearing on the Website and prices at the Squadron center, the Squadron center pricing will prevail.   

Personal Belongings

The Squadron is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any items within the Squadron facilities. We recommend that you leave all valuables and items of importance at home.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Reservations at the Squadron, made through the Website or by telephone, of which payment has yet to take place, can be cancelled up to two (2) business days before the date and time appearing on the order confirmation (hereinafter, the “Flight Time”). Cancellation between one (1) and two (2) business days before the Flight Time will be charged half (50%) the price.

Full payment is expected and must be made if cancellation is made one (1) business day or less before the Flight Time. To cancel a reservation at The Squadron, written confirmation of such request must be emailed to [email protected]. Written confirmation of the cancellation will be sent as a reply.

Gift Card Cancellation and Refund Policy

Gift cards, no matter how they were purchased, are non-refundable in the event of their theft, damage, or expiration.

Cancellation of a gift card purchased from The Website will be in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law of 1981.

To cancel a gift card at The Squadron, written confirmation of such request must be emailed to [email protected].

Only the original gift card purchaser may cancel the gift card.

If a gift card is not used within 14 days of submitting a notice of cancellation, the purchaser must pay a fee of 5% of the transaction amount or NIS 100, whichever is lower.

The Squadron is not obligated to honor requests to change the Flight Time. Honoring those requests is at the sole discretion of the Squadron, and is based, inter alia, on the Squadron’s schedule and constraints. Additional fees may be requested or mandated to honor the request.

Unexpected Maintenance

The Squadron makes a great effort to ensure that all orders and reservations are honored. However, the Squadron’s equipment and technology may require unexpected maintenance. If The Squadron cancels a reservation, the full amount paid will be refunded and a new date for the reservation will be coordinated based on the User’s preference and availability and the Squadron’s constraints.

Force Majeure

In any event of a cancellation or change of plan, at any period of time, caused directly and/or indirectly as a result of force majeure or act of God, or due to reasons that could not be reasonably anticipated by the Squadron – including without limitation, earthquake, flood, fire, natural disaster, strike or labor conditions, epidemic, disease, government action, failure of utilities, transportation facilities, or communication or electronic systems, or closure of the economy or any industry, the Squadron will work to establish a new Flight Date within the framework of the Squadron’s original prices and subject to the Squadron’s constraints and the client’s preferences.


For information on accessibility to the Website and to the Squadron facilities, please check the Accessibility Statement

I hereby confirm that I have carefully read and understood The Squadron’s terms and condition. I am aware and agree that my use of the Squadron facilities, including flight simulators and any other Property, is conditional on me adhering to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and by following the instructions of the Squadron staff and personnel.




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