The Squadron Crew

Get to know The Squadron crew. This team will guide you and ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Brigadier General (res.), Kobi Regev

Founder and CEO of The Squadron. Father to Ilay, Itai, and Alon with wife, Idmit. Now a Brigadier General in reserves, Kobi commanded two F-16 fighter squadrons, helped establish the “Emek” (valley) squadron, and held various operational command and senior management positions during his time in the Israeli Air Force. His most recent position was that of IDF attaché and representative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense to Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, and Croatia. In reserves, Kobi instructs at the IAF Flight School, is an IAF headquarters control room commander, and is a spokesperson for the IAF emergency force. He holds an MA in Global Strategy from the U.S. Air Force University.

Idmit Regev

Co-founder and interior designer of The Squadron. Idmit served as a welfare officer and public relations officer in the Israeli Air Force. She has spent the last 13 years holding various management positions. She holds a degree in design from the University of Quasar in Rome and a BA and MA in Research Communication from Ben Gurion University.

Orgad Shapira

Orgad Shapira

VP of Business Development. Orgad has held senior management positions at Keter Plastic and as CEO of Ortal Heating Systems. He served as Business Consultant for global companies, and he has a Master’s of Business Administration.

Moshik Bachar

Moshik Bachar

IT Manager. In his military, service he served as a commander in a combat Company in the Artillery Corps. Moshik has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Ofek Vaknin

Simulator instructor. During her military service, Ofek served as an F-16 simulator instructor and commanded the instructor’s training course. In reserves, she serves as an officer in the northern command. Ofek has extensive experience in mentoring, managing, and instruction. She is a graduate of the “Bnei-Tzion” preparatory program.

Netta Zvulun

Simulator instructor. During her IAF service she served as an F-15 simulator instructor at Hatzor AFB, and later at the Hatzerim flight school as a commander at the instructor training center. Netta serves as a weapons officer in the northern command in reserves.

Lior Zamir

Lior Zamir

Simulator instructor. During her service in the IAF, she served at Tel Nof and Nevatim bases as a simulator instructor for airborne electronic warfare systems at the School of Electronic Warfare and Cyber. In the reserve, a simulator instructor at the Tel Nof base.

Eden From

Eden From

Simulator instructor. Eden served in the Air Force at Nevatim Base, as a flight simulator instructor of the “Adir” aircraft, the F-35.

Later, she was responsible for training simulator instructors on the first mission simulator of the “Adir”. In reserves, she serves as a simulator instructor in the 117 Squadron for training and instructing F-35 aircrafts.

Eden Chadad

Simulator instructor. During her service in the IAF, she served as an F-15 simulator instructor at Hatzor base, and later she was responsible for converting various aircraft crews to the F-15 aircraft. In reserves, she serves as an officer in the southern command.


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