Who is a flight at “The Squadron” aimed for?

The Squadron offers a wide range of activities, workshops and different “flight days”, so that each and every person can feel like a fighter jet pilot for one day and find the perfect flight for them.

Individuals and groups

This is an opportunity for anyone who has dreamed of flying a fighter jet, or is searching for a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, to arrive for a day at the The Squadron. Wear a flight suit, brief before the flight, take part in AA combat, try aerobatics, fly low over the dead sea.

Companies and organizations

The Squadron operates with inspiration from the Israeli Air Force and offers organizations and companies different workshops. There are both fun, bonding workshops and personal development workshops, that use IAF pilots’ methodology, which leads to personal and organizational excellence.

The unique development programs for managers are based on the core topics, tools and methods that are rooted in the organizational culture of the IAF. Some of these are briefing and debriefing, professionalism, determination during a mission, teamwork, coping with failure, production and implementation of conclusions from the flight and more.

The program will be fitted to meet the organizations’ needs and can include meals, lectures, and instruction in foreign languages as needed.


The IAF is known around the world, and The Squadron offers a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the identity and activities of a squadron in the Israeli Air Force, through an experience that includes meeting IAF pilots and commanders, a flight on a F-16 simulator and a thrilling view of the main tourist sites of Israel, from above.

** The program is aimed for over 12s and is adapted to foreign languages


The Squadron offers unique learning programs for teens, that were developed by IAF pilots, instructors and teachers. The program is built for 20 chosen teens in each course. During the course the participants will experience content similar to the content that flight cadets learn. The instructors are former IAF pilots, who will teach the basics of flight on an F-16 fighter jet using briefs and debriefs, a flight suit and other flight equipment and a flight on a F-16 flight simulator.

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