The “Junior Squadron”

A unique and high-quality program for eighth-tenth grade youth, which is guided by combat pilots in the reserves, and simulator instructors in The Squadron complex located at Cinema City Glilot.
The program is based on content and values for nurturing leadership and excellence from the IAF’s culture of learning and personal and group research, and includes theoretical and practical studies. The program combines flight and learning in the world’s advanced F-16 simulators.

The program includes 12 meetings on a variety of interesting topics such as: Familiarity with an F-16 aircraft, aerodynamics, air condition analysis, navigation missions, radar systems, air battles, tools for personalization and many other subjects. For the full program of the course and the details of the meetings please leave details below and we will get back to you.
Registration starts at 1.4.19 Please note that the number of places is limited.

Join now to a unique experience where the sky is not the limit!

Interested in registration /other details? Call 074-7403333,
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